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When it comes to super stylish, multi-functional swimwear cover ups, nothing comes close to Bandtastik. This is the ultimate accessory for women; women like you looking to enjoy life to the full without feeling self conscious or vulnerable.

Bandtastik can be worn in 6 amazing ways (and counting), and there are many more fabulous creations just waiting to be discovered. Uncomfortable with your belly fat in a bathing suit? Bandtastik is fantastic coverage! Don’t want to be too bold in a 2-piece but can’t stand to be boring in a 1-piece? Bandtastik creates just the right amount of interest. Wear it over your bust to cover problem areas, or to conceal ports, or wear around your waist to create interest or cover up pouches. These are just some of the ways you can wear your Bandtastik. With this super cute, versatile and comfortable cover up separate in your wardrobe, the only limit is your imagination!

Once you have tried your first Bandtastik, we know you will want more; but here are some reasons to order your very first one:

  • Be confident on the beach or by the pool – Bandtastik can be worn in so many ways; around the bust, around the waist or hips, across the body or loosely around the neck. These are just the combinations we have discovered. We know you will find so many more!
  • Adjust Bandtastik to suit your own style, or to cleverly cover those areas you don’t want on show.
  • Bandtastik is made from resilient fabrics that have been extensively tested, and it is chlorine and salt resistant.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and designs – choose your favorite style, or why not mix and match to create your own individual look?

Order Today and Rediscover Your Sense of Style Once More

Bandtastik and the fabulous Bandiva head wrap give you the freedom to look your absolute best without worrying about those areas you would rather not show to the world.

Order your Bandtastik today, and we will donate 1% of our profits to our Cancer Charity of the Month.

Your sense of style never left you — you just never had much choice when it came to fashionable cover up separates. We give you back that choice, so now you do!


Choose from 3 Sizes

Size Numeric Size
1 0-6
2 8-12
3 14-18

20+ Please contact us for special orders.


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